OECD Factbook About the Factbook
Population and migration Population and migration +
Production and income Production and income +
Globalisation Globalisation +
Prices Prices +
Energy Energy +
Labour Labour +
Science and technology Science and technology +
Environment Environment +
Education Education +
Public finance Public finance -
Government deficits and debt
Government net borrowing or net lending
General government revenues
Government expenditures
General government gross financial liabilities
Public social expenditure
Public social expenditure
Private social expenditure
Public expenditure on health
Private expenditure on health
Public expenditure on pensions
Private expenditure on pensions
Other public expenditure
Public expenditure on education
Private expenditure on education
Law, order and defence expenditure
Agricultural support and foreign aid
Agricultural producer support estimate by country
Government support for fishing
Net official development assistance
Total tax revenue
Taxes on income and profits
Taxes on goods and services
Taxes on the average worker
Quality of life Quality of life +
The crisis and beyond The crisis and beyond +