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Population and migration Population and migration +
Production and income Production and income +
Globalisation Globalisation +
Prices Prices +
Energy Energy +
Labour Labour -
Employment and hours worked
Employment rates: total
Employment rates: men
Employment rates: women
Employment rates for age group 15-24
Employment rates for age group 25-54
Employment rates for age group 55-64
Incidence of part-time employment
Self-employment rate: total
Self-employment rate: men
Self-employment rate: women
Employment growth in most dynamic regions
Average hours actually worked
Unemployment rates: total
Unemployment rates: men
Unemployment rates: women
Long-term unemployment
Regional unemployment rate, country average
Regional unemployment rates: Gini index
Science and technology Science and technology +
Environment Environment +
Education Education +
Public finance Public finance +
Quality of life Quality of life +
The crisis and beyond The crisis and beyond +