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Population and migration Population and migration +
Production and income Production and income -
Gross domestic product
GDP per capita
Volume index of GDP per capita
Real GDP growth
GDP increase in most dynamic regions
Income, savings and investments
Gross national income per capita
Household disposable income
Household net saving rates
Gross fixed capital formation
GDP per hour worked
Growth in GDP per hour worked
GDP growth contribution: labour input
GDP growth contribution: ICT capital
GDP growth contribution: non-ICT capital
GDP growth contribution: multi-factor productivity
GDP Growth
Unit labour costs, total economy
Economic structure
Value added by activity: agriculture
Value added by activity: industry
Value added by activity: services
Real value added in agriculture
Real value added in industry
Real value added in services
Enterprises: less than 20 persons engaged
Globalisation Globalisation +
Prices Prices +
Energy Energy +
Labour Labour +
Science and technology Science and technology +
Environment Environment +
Education Education +
Public finance Public finance +
Quality of life Quality of life +
The crisis and beyond The crisis and beyond +